Living out of a Backpack

{May 10, 2007}   Sniff Kiss

To start off this blog I think I’ll probably have to tell you what a sniff kiss is.  Basically it’s a Thai form of affection, where someone leans close to their loved one, putting their nose close to their head/hair/shoulder and then takes a big loud whiff.  Sniffing them.

The other day as I was walking down the sidewalk, a man was walking in the opposite direction.  As we were about to pass each other, he leans over like he’s about to whisper a secret in my ear.  Then he did a rather loud sniff kiss to me.  And just continued on walking.  It was totally bizarre and strange.  I stood there for a few minutes wondering if I was going crazy, or had just imagined it, but then I remembered about theThai craze- the sniff kiss.  It’s certainly not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, but it was sure bizarre.  Ahh- the adventures of living in a foreign country with a totally different culture!

On a different note, I think that I am becoming addicted to Thai massage and reflexology.  I usually have about 2 massages a week (sometimes more), but I had decided to save some money, so it had been about 10 days since my last massage.  (Shocking, I know!)  I was starting to feel sick, really tired, and had no appetite.  I figured I was just tired from the 2 back to back tours, but then today I dragged my butt out of bed and had a 2 hour long Thai massage (for less than $10, gotta love it).  And I felt completly better afterwards.  I think my body was going through massage-withdrawl or something.  (Well, maybe not.  But I think that I’ll need to get bi-weekly massages from now on!) 


Deb says:

Could you please not put ‘raped’ in the title of any more of your blog entries!! I just about had a heart attack when I read the title of your entry! Stay safe. Love, mom

rukia says:

ahhh…..the sniff kiss. im filipino and my mom used to do it to me. i do it to my little brother. and im teaching my boyfriend how to do it. lol
its funny because he doesnt really do it right hahahahaa. i want to go to thailand noww. 🙂

André M. says:

Haha, and I thought my girlfriend was just too shy to give me a “real” kiss (on the cheek, that is). Later I found the word in the dictionary with the explanation “sniff kiss” and I realized, this must be a culture difference.

(please don’t think I’m a sex tourist or anything; I live in China right now and fell in love with a Thai girl who studies Chinese with me)

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